Thursday, July 05, 2012

Red, White and Blue

I love the fourth of July! A celebration with family and friends to kick off the summer and celebrate our great country with BBQ, patriotic desserts, fireworks and this year...the OB marshmallow fight! I'll admit it was a little depressing being away from family...Skyping with Owen, Kendra and my Mom made the start of the day more cheerful. Owen showed me the cupcakes he baked with Grandma...he had to eat one right in front of me! But I wish I could have been there for the BBQ and fireworks!

So, instead making memories of my own:

  • Made brunch for my roommies...blueberry pancakes, eggs and white chocolate dipped strawberries
  • Painted my fingernails blue!
  • Decorated my bike with streamers to ride around OB
  • Enjoyed street tacos down by the pier
  • Ooohed and Aaahed at the OB fireworks was extra special for the 125th Anniversary
  • And finally, experienced my first ever OB marshmallow was out of control, but totally fun!

All in all, it was a good day, despite the Washington weather here in Cali...I'm so thankful that I live in a country that stands for freedom!

1 comment:

The Arizona Russums said...

Umm... the marshmallow fight sounds insane. I would have loved to see it!


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