Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Owen's Tent

A visit to the library this spring ended with bringing 3 different sewing books home. I figured why spend $20 on a tutorial book when typically I make 1item from it before it collects dust on the shelf. One of the books featured this tent on its cover and I immediately thought of my nephew and how much he loves forts and hiding behind couches and cushions. So I thought it would be a good gift for his 2nd birthday (which was in May). I had all of the fabric cut out before his birthday, but with the busyness of school and work the project was lost in the shuffle...until yesterday. A burst of energy and motivation came over me and I was able to complete it in less than 24 hours! woohoo! It feels good to have it off in the mail. I hope that it brings so much joy to Owen and more kids to come :)

I made a new resolution, now that my thrifting challenge is over...I cannot buy new fabric until I use up what I have on projects and scrap quilts. Now there are a lot of new babies just around the corner, so hopefully I'll have plenty of projects for those smaller pieces of fabric cluttering my closet. Hopefully, summer will also grant the extra needed time to get them done. I'll be sure to post pics of my work...still looking for that breakthrough craft that I can sell on etsy and become a millionare...or even earn just a few hundred dollars here and there :)

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