Thursday, January 01, 2015

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The Bay

Mission Bay is where it all started. Our first few unofficial dates took place out here on the bay. They are "unofficial" because I was oblivious that Jason liked me. My parents were in town for my baptism on Easter Sunday and I was hoping to take them out sailing and knew that Jason had connections, so I asked if he had any recommendations. Of course he quickly offered to take us out himself...such a sweet guy! We planned on sailing Monday afternoon and I couldn't be more excited. Unfortunately...or fortunately, my parents ended up spending some time with friends that afternoon and instead of going with them on a hike to the desert, I asked Jason if he would mind still taking me out, because let's be honest, I'm obsessed with the water and it has been my dream to learn to sail and live on a boat. I was delighted when he said yes, and I couldn't stop thinking about what to wear and what it would be like and how fun it was going to be...again oblivious to the fact that Jason had any feelings for me. 
Sailing was so fun. We talked and talked and talked for hours out there on the water about life, travels, dreams, know those super fun getting to know you conversations that make you feel all giddy inside and happy about life. Jason and I had been friends and in community group together for awhile, but this was the first time we spent time together just the two of us. I loved that day on the water, maybe because I was living my dream, maybe because I was with a cute...okay...dreamy man who was teaching me to sail, maybe because he was so interested in my life story and listened to it all with such intention....but for sure, God was working in my heart and allowing me to see just how perfect this tall, dark, dreamy, handsome guy who loves the outdoors was for me. 
(The sailing pictures to the left are from our one-year dating anniversary...what a perfect way to celebrate)

The Beach
The beach is probably our favorite place to be together. Many memories have been made throwing the frisbee, learning to surf, playing volleyball, hanging out with friends and camping with Jason's family. I specifically remember a day early on in our relationship when we surfed and then laid out on the sand and Jason told me that when he was life guarding he always noticed this couple that would go out bodysurfing and then lay out on the beach talking. I remember my heart melting when he told me that I was that kind of girl and that he could imagine a life like that with me. 

If you're visiting from out of town, we hope you'll have time to spend at the beach during the wedding weekend! Some of our faves are South Mission, Ocean Beach and of course a walk/jog along Sunset Cliffs! 

In the past year of dating we've been lucky to travel up the West Coast, visiting friends in Folsom and family in Portland and the Seattle area. Travel is something we are excited to do more of as a married couple including more camping and backpacking trips. 


Last 4th of July, we road tripped up to Folsom, CA to spend time with our best friends Dan, Erica and their son Levi. Erica's parents live in Folsom and we experienced a record breaking heat wave during our visit. They set up a kiddie pool in the backyard and we spent most of our time sitting in the pool, misting each other with a spray bottle or playing in the nearby lake. This was also the first time Jason told me he loved me, in a rather obscure way...
One morning Jason and I ran down to the cliffs by the lake and I think we had the intention to jump in all along. When we got there I started to chicken out a bit after looking down from such great heights. Jason definitely started to videotape me as I vacillated between jumping or not...especially after boaters down below started cheering me on and bribing me with a cold beer if I made the leap. I knew I had to do it...I couldn't let Jason down. I wanted him to continue to have the impression that I was a true adventurer, afraid of nothing. *(I am a true adventurer, but I am a bit afraid of heights) 
Right as I'm getting the courage to jump, Jason in his encouragement says, "don't worry I'll still love you," to reassure me that his feelings for me wouldn't change if I didn't jump. At first I thought I was hearing things and so I just ignored his sweet words and jumped off the cliff so I wouldn't have to ask, "what did you say?!" 
I definitely went back and watched the video later to see if I could catch his words and despite my denial, sure enough, he had said "I'll still love you..." This led to a few conversations with girlfriends as they listened to the recording as to the intention or meaning behind the phrase. Did it mean that he really "loved" me or that he would in the future? It's funny looking back at it now and how excited/nervous/giddy I was about this small phrase. What's funnier is that he said "I'll still love you," a few more times, but each time I ignored him and thought that couldn't really be what he said! And now I can't even remember when I finally acknowledged it and said "I love you" for reals. 


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