Monday, May 30, 2011

burp cloths

Whipped up a couple of burp clothes today for a friend who is expecting a baby girl in about a month. I had fun with the stitches to give them a little more flare!


Memorial Day weekend has been busy, yet restful. More birthday celebrations on Friday, at the Canal with Malia and Peter on Saturday, and time with family until now. It's almost 9pm and I'm not ready to say goodbye to the weekend. It's been filled with reading (finished the Help), cooking (made my favorite couscous salad today), exercising (took out the bike, hiked to a hidden lake, walked the Clear Creek Trail) and sewing (worked on a quilt and finished some burp cloths). And now my mind is wandering to the start of the school day tomorrow, ecosystems in Biology, cooking in Chemistry, Gas Laws in Physical Science and then judging a 7th grade English project later in the evening. I'm dreading the busyness of's sad that the day is dreaded not because of the events, but because of the sheer number of obligations packed into short amount of time. I'm definitely feeling the burn out and thankful that we only have 2 more weeks of school. I'm hoping the weekend has given me just enough energy to fly through finals with cheerfulness and grace...the secret...pray without ceasing :)

Had to show off the pants I made him for his birthday :)

Grandma got him his very own house...with a door that he loves to open and close!

Owen turns 1!

Being an Aunt is one of the best in this world. I love laughing, playing and cuddling with my sweet little nephew. He is growing up so fast...holding his own spoon, taking steps on his own, signing milk, talking incessently, eating toast (a walker thing for sure) and throwing mini tantrums when he doesn't get his way. He is spoiled with love from all around the family, this kid is blessed beyond measure. I'm excited to see how he grows this next can see the wheels turning in his head...he is dying to get those words out. I can't wait for our talks on the phone some day!

Kendra's Cookie monster cake!

Daddy making him laugh :)

Birthday month

This birthday month has been different from all the rest. I now share it with Owen and he basically steals the show. Fine by me...because this is the first year that I've started to feel "old." I know 28 is still young, but it's a little too far from 21 and a little too close to 30.

Luke and Owen came over on Friday to stay for the weekend, while Kendra was visiting a friend in Minnesota. Chris and Jennie came over on Saturday night for dinner. I didn't do the cooking this year, unless you consider the coconut cupcakes...yum! We also had fun learning to play Dominion, a strategy card game that has quickly replaced Settlers of Catan.

After church on Sunday a couple of my best girlfriends, Meg and Malia, came over from Seattle for brunch. Meg even brought over one of her famous birthday desserts. This time it was a yummy chocolate oatmeal cinnamon gooey delicious cookie with sprinkles! I'm so blessed to have such loving friends :)

It feels like the year has gone so fast. I want life to slow down...I guess it comes down to being intentional to enjoy each day for what it is.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

More twists and turns...

I'm wrapping up the school year at Crosspoint...just a few short weeks left. Looking forward to a birthday weekend, memorial day in Packwood and SUMMER! I've enjoyed teaching at my old high school, but living in Bremerton has been a challenge. I knew it would only be for a year, but with medical school not working out, I'm back in the tranisition, waiting for the next steps to unfold.

This year has reminded me of the joy found in teaching and working with high school students. I was able to teach Chemistry this year...which I loved! It was fun to watch the students grow and understand how to think as scientists, mastering unifying concepts and applying their knowledge in new situations. I am more motivated to become a better teacher, desiring to continue my own education so that I can improve and diversify my skills as an educator.

However, I know that I cannot stay in Bremerton and am feeling the urge to move to California. Ever since vacationing in sunny, beach settings, I knew that for at least a time I would have to live there more permanently. So I've been pursuing opportunities in Southern California because I am at another life crossroads and now is the time, I can just feel it.

I know my purpose and calling is not solely dependent on my career. The person I want to be is not tied to what I do for a living, but to how I react to the events around me and create a life that glorifies God. Regardless of where and what God leads me to next, I want most of all to be a woman of faith that lives to make known the glory and Kingdom of heaven here on earth, loving and sharing hope with the world around me.

Sunday, May 08, 2011


Happy Mother's day! I had a great day celebrating my mom and grandma. After church we stopped by Bremerton City Nursery to buy a hanging basket of flowers for grma and enjoyed coffee from the Spigot.

We also stopped by Pacific Fabrics where I picked up a couple of patterns that were 30% off...2 top/dress patterns for me and then a pattern for Owen. I decided to make him some pants after my success with the Oliver + s "ice cream social" dress I made with Emily in Denmark.

After making mom some asparagus risotto and a layered lettuce salad...Dad grilled the salmon, I got to work on the pants and practically finished them...I just have to hem them and anchor the elastic once Owen tries them on him. They are going to be a great addition to the French toy I bought him in Denmark for his birthday. I CANNOT wait to celebrate him on Saturday! Love him.


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