Sunday, May 15, 2011

More twists and turns...

I'm wrapping up the school year at Crosspoint...just a few short weeks left. Looking forward to a birthday weekend, memorial day in Packwood and SUMMER! I've enjoyed teaching at my old high school, but living in Bremerton has been a challenge. I knew it would only be for a year, but with medical school not working out, I'm back in the tranisition, waiting for the next steps to unfold.

This year has reminded me of the joy found in teaching and working with high school students. I was able to teach Chemistry this year...which I loved! It was fun to watch the students grow and understand how to think as scientists, mastering unifying concepts and applying their knowledge in new situations. I am more motivated to become a better teacher, desiring to continue my own education so that I can improve and diversify my skills as an educator.

However, I know that I cannot stay in Bremerton and am feeling the urge to move to California. Ever since vacationing in sunny, beach settings, I knew that for at least a time I would have to live there more permanently. So I've been pursuing opportunities in Southern California because I am at another life crossroads and now is the time, I can just feel it.

I know my purpose and calling is not solely dependent on my career. The person I want to be is not tied to what I do for a living, but to how I react to the events around me and create a life that glorifies God. Regardless of where and what God leads me to next, I want most of all to be a woman of faith that lives to make known the glory and Kingdom of heaven here on earth, loving and sharing hope with the world around me.

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Jen said...

it's so easy to let our identity be defined by our job and instead of by Christ. i am glad you recognize the lie! and i am so excited to see where God takes you this next year. p.s. so-cal is just six hours away from phoenix!!!!


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