Monday, May 30, 2011

Birthday month

This birthday month has been different from all the rest. I now share it with Owen and he basically steals the show. Fine by me...because this is the first year that I've started to feel "old." I know 28 is still young, but it's a little too far from 21 and a little too close to 30.

Luke and Owen came over on Friday to stay for the weekend, while Kendra was visiting a friend in Minnesota. Chris and Jennie came over on Saturday night for dinner. I didn't do the cooking this year, unless you consider the coconut cupcakes...yum! We also had fun learning to play Dominion, a strategy card game that has quickly replaced Settlers of Catan.

After church on Sunday a couple of my best girlfriends, Meg and Malia, came over from Seattle for brunch. Meg even brought over one of her famous birthday desserts. This time it was a yummy chocolate oatmeal cinnamon gooey delicious cookie with sprinkles! I'm so blessed to have such loving friends :)

It feels like the year has gone so fast. I want life to slow down...I guess it comes down to being intentional to enjoy each day for what it is.

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