Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sunset Cliffs

Click to enlarge the map for a better view!

I'm posting some pictures of Sunset Cliffs (highlighted on above map). I live in Ocean Beach/Pt. Loma area and the "A" is the location of PLNU's undergraduate campus (which is beautiful!). Unfortunately, my classes are way over east in Mission Valley at a satellite campus, but I don't mind because I'll only spend 8 hours of my week there. Today, a friend of Deidra's invited me to go walking along Sunset Cliffs. We started down at the PLNU campus and then walked all the way up to the OB Pier. It was probably around 6-7 miles and the sun was already hot by the time we left at 9am. It was high tide, but we were mostly able to walk along the cliffs and nearby road. Here are some pics from the adventure!

I know I'm not in any of the pictures....working on it!

Bargain Shopping

So...I've had quite a bit of extra time on my hands this past week and Kukui and I both like a good deal. We went out to AMVETS (supports Veterans) and Goodwill. I was scanning the books for a Ina or Giada cookbook find, but found some teaching books instead and thought that was a pretty good deal since I'm going back to school to become one...well a better one :)

They had two copies of the book every new teacher gets when they have their very first classroom...The First Days of School and then another on classroom management and one on teaching science as inquiry. I have a feeling they might be a bit more practical than the $110 textbook I just bought for class called "Educational Psychology." I hope I'm wrong...

But I hit the jackpot at Goodwill. In the car on the way to Goodwill from AMVETS I said to Kukui, "You know, I should have looked for an ice cream maker at AMVETS, maybe they'll have one at Goodwill." I have ALWAYS wanted an ice cream maker...who doesn't want to be able to make their very own funky flavors of creamy frozen deliciousness, especially now that I live in California! Plus, it'll be a lot cheaper than the stuff you get at molly moons or other fancy ice creameries. So I bee-lined it to the electronics and there in all it's fabulous red glory was a
Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt - Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker...yes that is it's full title!
Perfect timing for the new addition (did I mention it was only $12.99), because I had some over-ripe plums that needed a purpose. So the next day I threw the plums in the blender with a little sugar and lemon and wah lah...the perfect summer heat remedy! I'm really excited to try out the pistachio recipe as well as the mexican chocolate. But it was a simple start to what I think will be a long-lasting and fruitful relationship. My housemates disagree and think the hype will fade after 5 or so uses...only time will tell!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I have loved getting to know my new housemates here in SD and am so thankful that I decided not to live on my own. I've probably asked way too many questions and talked way too much this first week, but lucky for me I have new friends that are excited to show me around and welcome me to their home and city.

On Monday, we had a bonding adventure and went out to Torrey Pines State Reserve. "Nature" definitely looks different here than back home. The landscape is dry and desert-like with cacti and brown vegetation...hopefully due to the fact that it's the end of summer :) However, the ocean makes up for it. I've always wanted to live in an ocean beach community and now I live in Ocean Beach...or OB as the natives call it...although I'm reluctant to take on all the new lingo. Although I'm finding it doesn't take long to pick it up when everyone around you talks shorthand. I'm already saying things like "oh...I take the 8 to the 15 and then...." I guess there are too many interstates around here so you just drop the "I" in front and say "the" instead???

Here are the pics from our hike...with a couple from my last hiking adventure in WA for awhile with my good friend and native Californian, Deidra....she really should move back down here so we can play tennis in the beautiful San Diego sun!

Kukui the "cave monster"

my "sunburst" flower


Monday, August 22, 2011

the Barbie

So, moving into my new room here on Seaside street was a breeze! But assembling my new purchases from ikea and home depot...not so easy. I LOVE my new house. There are palm trees in the yard, grass that stays green all year without are probably asking, what is this magical grass...oh it's artificial turf! A backyard that is filled with beautiful plants thanks to my housemate Kukui who has a serious green thumb and a house with natural light streaming in all directions! I am so blessed to have a safe and beautiful house to live in so close to the beach and with wonderful housemates. God is good.

However, the wall that I put my new headboard on from Ikea is bowed...meaning we had to make some adjustments after frustrating attempts of securing it to the wall and fitting all the pieces together. It has bookshelves on the side and a shelf on top for extra storage! LOVE it.

And the charcoal grill given as a housewarming gift from my parents had a handle malfunction due to some human error on our part (of course). Well, the handle broke and although it is not necessary for the grill to function properly I had recently acquired some "gorilla" strength super glue and thought this would be the perfect beginners project! So after the goodbyes to my parents as they made the trip back home up the 101 I put dave matthews on Pandora and got to work on reassembling all of the broken little plastic pieces. I was pretty pleased with my was like a 3-D jigsaw puzzle, but with really strong glue that stuck to my fingers. I was SO excited to put the handle back on the barbie and text a picture to my Dad to show off my handiwork....however....when I got back out to the barbie I discovered that I had FAILED to notice that there were screws that were meant to be enclosed within the handle...aaahh! My moment of pride and success was quickly over and I sulked a bit before thinking of another way to make it work. Tim Gunn was definitely in my head at that moment :) I'm working on my new solution to super glue the nut into the handle so that the screw can go the opposite direction....I'll let you know how it turns out!

Despite a broken handle I broke out the briquets and fired them up yesterday to make my FAV lemon chicken by Ina Garten and some corn on the cob with a side salad...the perfect summer dinner! YUM


Recently, my prayers have been of thanksgiving...

Thankfulness for
supportive and loving friends and family
blessings of surprise parties and gifts
time in packwood with family
safe moving travels
a house and new housemates to enjoy
dreams coming true

and for peace that God has lead me here to San Diego for a time and purpose that he has prepared me for!

I am so grateful to have a God who is more than a name, he is my provider, protector, healer, confidant, and so much more. He desires relationship with me! in my weariness, brokenness, strength and joy. My God never fails and he watches over me day and night. Oh how I love him!


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