Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sunset Cliffs

Click to enlarge the map for a better view!

I'm posting some pictures of Sunset Cliffs (highlighted on above map). I live in Ocean Beach/Pt. Loma area and the "A" is the location of PLNU's undergraduate campus (which is beautiful!). Unfortunately, my classes are way over east in Mission Valley at a satellite campus, but I don't mind because I'll only spend 8 hours of my week there. Today, a friend of Deidra's invited me to go walking along Sunset Cliffs. We started down at the PLNU campus and then walked all the way up to the OB Pier. It was probably around 6-7 miles and the sun was already hot by the time we left at 9am. It was high tide, but we were mostly able to walk along the cliffs and nearby road. Here are some pics from the adventure!

I know I'm not in any of the pictures....working on it!

1 comment:

Deidra said...

Yeah, where are the pictures? Shouldn't I know which friend of mine you went with? :) Yes, indeed, I would at least like to come down for a visit soon! Maybe it will be more green by the time I get there...


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