Friday, September 02, 2011

It's been a busy week....classes starting, job interviewing,textbook ordering, homework, getting my CA drivers license, and a haircut!

I was a little apprehensive about my classes...I was worried that they would be boring, pedagogical-filled, and non-practical, but I was also worried that I would be discouraged reflecting on my past four years of teaching. I never had any formal training in how to teach, but stayed in the classroom anyway. I am worried that going back to school to learn how to teach would reveal my inadequacies in the classroom. I also feel a pressure to do well in my classes since I have teaching is a whole jumble of feelings. But I must say that after my Monday and Tuesday classes I am much more relaxed and excited about the process. The teachers are engaging, funny, and care about our journey to becoming excellent teachers. I'm focusing on reflecting on my classroom experience and critically thinking about how to improve my skills. I was affirmed by what I've learned so far about what makes an effective teacher and I have confidence in my abilities to continue to become an effective, expert teacher.

Next week, I'll start a job in one of the charter schools as a classroom assistant. It is a lot of grading and tutoring...not a lot of teaching, but it is an opportunity to get connected with the charter schools and see another side of education. My field experience hours will take place in a local public school. I'm also in the process of becoming an SAT/ACT instructor and private tutor through Revolutionary Prep. All this to say, that the school/work side of things is really coming together. God is directing my path and opening doors, providing me with opportunities and the means to live :) I am so blessed by this move and although I anticipate missing home, I am still excited to be here and hoping to take advantage of my time in the here and now.

Last night, I went to watch the sunset at the PLNU undergraduate campus. There are large swells coming in this weekend and the surfers were out well into may be able to see them in the pictures! I'm so lucky to live here...what a beautiful place!

can you see the surfers out there to the right?
sun setting behind the clouds on the horizon
waves rolling in

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