Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A few pics

Summer at the Hood Canal

The Girls in Malibu

The Graduate!

Finding the way...

So...I think that hard part of the blog is over...creating the title. However, I hope that I can change it later down the road? So tonight after reading my friend malia's blog I decided that I needed one for myself...so I can share my life with others and have a place to organize my thoughts!
There is the way I live my life now...and the way I desire to live...I don't know if I will ever perfect my life to the point that I have no regrets or failures, but I will continue to persevere and practice living the fullest life possible. I know that I have a story...it's being written moment by moment and my one desire is that its story line would reflect the love and character of Christ. When I live my life with the eternal perspective that there is a creator, a beginning, an end, eternal life, and one true way...I am encouraged and strengthed to live for my God all the days of my life.


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