Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jennie's Birthday!

We went to out to celebrate Jennie's birthday at Etta's down in Pike Place. The food was delicious! We had steamed crab as an appetizer and then I had a heriloom tomato salad and dessert...mmm...huckleberry crisp! We didn't pick any up in Packwood this year, so it was the perfect ending (to summer)! We walked around a bit after and Chris and Jennie posed as the perfect, newly engaged couple.

Fancy Free Flare

My housemates and I came up with a schedule for weekly house chores. One of the jobs is called fancy free flare and basically it is something fun to spice up the week a little bit. We've had fresh flowers, yummy treats from whole foods, ice cream and zucchini bread...we really love our desserts! I made zucchini bread from the zucchini from mom's garden! mmmm! it was so delicious.

Mermaid Quilt

Today was the first day of my quilting class! I had so much fun picking out fabric and sewing simple straight stich seams...and cutting with my special rotary cutter. 4 hours went by so fast! I am going to learn 12 different styles of blocks and piece them all together at the end of the class. I just finished the rail fence, 9 block, and log cabin. I have one more to finish as homework this week. It is my first real quilt on my mom and I made one (well, she mostly made it) for Christmas one year!

Rail Fence

Log Cabin

9 Block

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Rachel's Shower

We celebrated Rachel's soon to be marriage at my house in August. It was so fun hosting the event! I made delicous food (seafood skewers, homemade salsa, fruit salad, sticky rice balls, teriyaki chicken) and drinks (mango martinis) and a beautiful barbie bride cake with the help of my roommate Alicia. The bridesmaids put together a slideshow and videotaped Mike's answers to some fun questions and then quizzed Rachel during the was fun having Mike there (even if it was a video). I'm so excited for Rach and her new stage in life!

All the necessary ingredients...and two AMAZING bakers!

What a beautiful bride!

from the garden...

This summer I attempted to grow some vegetables. I don't own my own place yet, so I decided to grow in pots in the front yard where sun shines most of the day. I planted zucchini, cucumber, tomato and basil. I have enjoyed the baby cucumbers and zucchinis this summer but no tomatoes! I think it was too cold this spring...there are a lot of green ones, but no red. I did however get this enormous...and delicious zucchini this last week! mmmm good!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Green bug in the VW

yes...ironic I know, but there was a green bug in the green bug today

September Dinner

Tonight I got together and made dinner with my friend Emily. We ate butternut squash risotto (which is appropriate for fall), roasted potatoes, and cantalope. The butternut squash recipe was given to me with arborio rice from my cousin John and his wife as a wedding favor. It was absolutely delicious...warms the soul on a chilly September afternoon. Just as we were finishing our dinner, the doorbell rang and I caught a glimpse of my friend's husband running from the porch. We ran to the door and were delighted to find a box of cupcakes for us to share. Yay, for thoughtful husbands!


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