Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I have loved getting to know my new housemates here in SD and am so thankful that I decided not to live on my own. I've probably asked way too many questions and talked way too much this first week, but lucky for me I have new friends that are excited to show me around and welcome me to their home and city.

On Monday, we had a bonding adventure and went out to Torrey Pines State Reserve. "Nature" definitely looks different here than back home. The landscape is dry and desert-like with cacti and brown vegetation...hopefully due to the fact that it's the end of summer :) However, the ocean makes up for it. I've always wanted to live in an ocean beach community and now I live in Ocean Beach...or OB as the natives call it...although I'm reluctant to take on all the new lingo. Although I'm finding it doesn't take long to pick it up when everyone around you talks shorthand. I'm already saying things like "oh...I take the 8 to the 15 and then...." I guess there are too many interstates around here so you just drop the "I" in front and say "the" instead???

Here are the pics from our hike...with a couple from my last hiking adventure in WA for awhile with my good friend and native Californian, Deidra....she really should move back down here so we can play tennis in the beautiful San Diego sun!

Kukui the "cave monster"

my "sunburst" flower


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