Monday, May 30, 2011


Memorial Day weekend has been busy, yet restful. More birthday celebrations on Friday, at the Canal with Malia and Peter on Saturday, and time with family until now. It's almost 9pm and I'm not ready to say goodbye to the weekend. It's been filled with reading (finished the Help), cooking (made my favorite couscous salad today), exercising (took out the bike, hiked to a hidden lake, walked the Clear Creek Trail) and sewing (worked on a quilt and finished some burp cloths). And now my mind is wandering to the start of the school day tomorrow, ecosystems in Biology, cooking in Chemistry, Gas Laws in Physical Science and then judging a 7th grade English project later in the evening. I'm dreading the busyness of's sad that the day is dreaded not because of the events, but because of the sheer number of obligations packed into short amount of time. I'm definitely feeling the burn out and thankful that we only have 2 more weeks of school. I'm hoping the weekend has given me just enough energy to fly through finals with cheerfulness and grace...the secret...pray without ceasing :)

Had to show off the pants I made him for his birthday :)

Grandma got him his very own house...with a door that he loves to open and close!

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