Thursday, July 26, 2012

Green things...

When I was thinking about the title of this post...I thought of the shirt they sell at turtle reef (SeaWorld) that says, "I was green before it was cool" with a picture of a green sea turtle...too cute. Too bad it's only in kid sizes :)

I have been wanting to post about my growing vegetables, but hadn't taken the time yet to take some pictures to show off my growing tomato, pepper (maybe) and zucchini plants! I was finally inspired by the random fact that I was going to use my roommates juicer for the first time to make a green lemonade juice. So Lisa has been on a juice fast this week and I've sampled a couple of the juices and decided I should try it...not for a whole week, but just one here and there in place of a meal or snack. Then perhaps for a couple of days and then if I really think it's worth forgoing solid foods maybe I'll try an entire week.

The green lemonade had 6 leaves of kale, 5 handfuls of spinach, a cucumber, green apple and one lemon. It only called for 1/2 a lemon, but I decided to throw in the entire thing in order to ensure it would taste like lemonade. And it does! It's actually delicious! I'm excited to have ventured into the juice world and look forward to experimenting with different recipes.

All those veggies and fruits made 1 cup of juice

pretty flower in our yard

the juicing machine!

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