Monday, June 04, 2012

Iron Mountain

June gloom has I traveled inland a few miles to find the sunshine.
A beautiful start to the hike. 
It's amazing how much more you notice when hiking solo. 

Flowers being pollinated

Beetles taking over a dying plant

View from the top

How do lizards move so FAST!?

Butterflies are so funny...spiraling up into the sky flirting with one another and then free falling down

Overall, a good hike. Met a fellow UW Husky fan on the way up (I was wearing my hat and he had on a shirt). Overheard someone talking about how God created the world because he was bored just hanging out with himself and enjoyed asking questions about the natural world around if only I had the motivation to research the answers! Instead, I'm watching the movie We Bought a Zoo...which disappointingly is nothing like the book, which I highly recommend!

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The Arizona Russums said...

Bekah blogged! I'm going to read We Bought a Zoo due to your rec.


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