Tuesday, January 19, 2010


2:15pm and it still hasn't rained in Seattle today! PTL! This freak of nature led to a walk around gL with rach and an hour and a half run by gL, lake union, UW and ravenna park. I needed a good dose of exercise, sun(ish), warm(ish) wind and nature.

a bit of inspiration on corliss

pasta salady lunch...yummy

I made a recipe from my favorite...Giada...today for lunch. It's super easy and filling, getting a mix of greens and carbs. I boiled some pasta and threw some mixed greens in a bowl. Tossed the pasta with the greens with a bit of reserved water and then added some basil, parmesan, goat cheese and sundried tomatoes, and salt and pepper. It's ridiculously easy and fresh. I've also been on this kick of baking my own bread and had some leftover whole wheat challah from a small get together yesterday that I heated up with some butter. yummy. I have more dough that I am going to bake today...one loaf with cinnamon and raisins. I found the recipe from the website for the book Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day I plan on experimenting with more online recipes. On my run today I was thinking about how it would be fun to sell my bread to friends...not sure how profitable it would be??? hmmm.

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Emily said...

Yummy pasta. How's the quilt?


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