Wednesday, January 13, 2010

rainy day

It was another off and on rainy day in Seattle. So, I took some time to make a honey whole wheat bread. I thought it would be a great way to save a bit of money and enjoy the smells of fresh bread in the kitchen. I also picked up a great book at the library today called "The Invisible Cure" by Helen Epstein. It is about the fight of AIDS in Africa and the West. I'm already a significant chunk into the book and she is tackling questions such as the origins of the virus, why HIV rates are so high in Africa and the theory of concurrency in the spread of infection. She started out in Uganda working independently on a vaccine with Chiron for HIV in Africa, but stopped when Chiron's vaccine proved useless against wildtype virus particles in the US. Anyway...admist reading I made 3 loaves of bread, 2 of which I'm giving away, and some risotto for lunch. Now I'm off to the gym to try to get the endorphins flowing :)

drizzly seattle

homemade hot pad I am finally putting to use

mmm...fresh bread

simple packaging


Jennie said...

You are such an amazing friend! Thanks for the bread. I can't wait for LCDO!

Gayle said...

Yummy! That's quite a job making your own bread loafs. They sure look good!


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