Thursday, June 11, 2009


June 4, 2009

This morning in devos, Lorene talked about dreams, and specifically encouraging our students toward their dreams. I'll admit, I kind of got stuck on myself with this one...dreams...have I really fearlessly followed my dreams? no. What about that dream to be a doctor? to hike the wonderland trail? to learn to sail? to open a bakery? I mean, I guess I can't be too negative. There is a lot I have accomplished and followed through on in my 26 years.

So, right now, where is my heart, my passion, my dream? Part of me is invested in finishing out the school year loving my students, part is in training for my triathlon, part in pursuing nursing. But, I don't feel like my heart is caught...I want something to grab hold of my heart, my desires, my time and energy. Not take all of it (that's what happened with teaching). I need time to share with friends and family.

Wait...maybe that's the problem. The one thing that should catch me, grab me, inspire and motivate is my love for my God and Savior - is that too vague? When I think passion, I want my desire to seek and love God to be at the top, but I also want a passion for the world...what is it?

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