Thursday, April 02, 2009


You'd think I would want to pack. That I would be excited to get everything ready to go for the trip tomorrow. But no, it's the last thing I am motivated to do...instead I would rather workout, listen to Coldplay, dink around on facebook...clean. All things of no importance to my trip to the Dominican. Why is that? Why do I procrastinate? I mean I understand not wanting to grade papers (which I also have to do tonight), but that is just dreadful in comparison to packing. Maybe packing uses too much brain power that has been zapped out of me by the events of the day...teaching cellular respiration (10th graders don't do well with complex chemical reactions), staying patient when kids are loud and obnoxious, answering questions, packing team supplies, making decisions about JSB, giving awards out at the MS bball banquet, calling the credit card company, taking cash out, teaching about malaria and other vector diseases, wondering if my parents are worried about me...maybe I should just sit and rest for a, I think I'll go for a always gets done in the long run.

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Emily said...

I want to know how your trip is going. Let me know when you get back!


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