Wednesday, April 01, 2009

baskin robbins

Setting: Baskin Robbins on a quiet night. Alicia and I are browsing the ice cream selection. Family of 4 (with one on the way) walk into the store. Kid yelling obnoxiously about what he wants...then sits at a table. Mom and Dad and little brother are looking at ice cream. Meanwhile, I order my double scoop coffee and pistachio ice cream cone and begin to pay...while sneaking a bite

Kid at Table: "Dad, dad! That person over there is eating not at a table."
Bekah: glances over at the boy (embarrassed?)
Dad: looks at me then looks back at kid
Kid: "And Dad, that person is eating a double cone."
Bekah: "uuhhh..."
Alicia: laughing
Pregnant mom: laughing
Kid: so confused...why is everyong laughing?
Bekah: "I am so sorry...I am not setting a good example"

Alicia and I leave the store laughing as the boys wave goodbye through the window.


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