Monday, March 23, 2009

la republica dominica

Crazy! I leave for the Dominican Republic in 10 days. The last 5 months of planning have flown by and now it comes down to the final details and preparations (the part I'm really good at). I wasn't able to sleep last night until I remembered about my anti-malarial prescription I need to have filled today, which left me with 4 hours of sleep due to the fact that I had basketball practice this morning.

I'm getting excited about the sun, feeling it's warmth, watching it rise and set. I'm excited for the papayas and mangoes. I'm excited for the little kids to laugh when they hear my name because it sounds like the word for "cow" in Spanish! I'm excited to see my students in a new culture, be exposed to a different way of life, and be challenged by the way they live back home. I can't wait to see how they play and interact with the dominicans and they will be able to establish relationships in a few days time despite language barriers.

Please pray for me and the group of 26 students and 2 other chaperones that are going there with me. We will be gone from April 3rd to 10th and in Barahona from Sunday to Thursday. It's a short trip, but packed full! Pray for the details to come together...smooth travelling...soft hearts, servant attitudes, humility, generosity and safety. I am blessed to have an amazing group of students so willing to love and serve others.

Thank you for your prayers! I'll keep you posted!

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