Thursday, March 19, 2009


yummy cinnamon roll recipe from Bon Appétit's safe, comfortable, relaxing...a place where I have no committments other than to enjoy time with family. Who knows what that will look like. Maybe it's talking, watching a basketball game, drinking lattes, playing the Wii, going for a digestive walk. Whatever it is, it takes me out of my life in Seattle and transports me to a simpler setting where life slows down and rest ensues. This last weekend I went home and my roommates and I spent time at Malia's house and in the morning went to my house for breakfast. It was a short visit, but was so home. My dad made lattes, my mom made homemade cinnamon rolls and eggs (like joe's scramble from portage bay) mom. It was good to be taken care of...the love of parents is forever unconditional.


rdub said...

never forget that! luv you

Emily said...

Being home is awesome, isn't it? Glad you had fun with the girls. Wish I could have enjoyed a scramble, cinnamon roll, and latte with you all! xxoo


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