Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bike Fall...

So, I kinda took a spill on my bike in Yellowstone...and I know some of you are dying to see the pics. How ironic that the boys bike over 1000 miles with no falls and then I take my bike out in Yellowstone and fall on the first day??? No worries, I'm healing quickly and got out on my back last night again...no fear, right?

All I remember is looking forward, seeing two cars turn a corner coming towards me in the opposite lane and then all of a sudden falling. I put my hands out in front of me to catch myself and unfortunately, wasn't able to keep my face off the ground and kissed the pavement...resulting in a fat lip and beat up chin for a few days!

I was by myself when it happened, which made it a bit scary and about 3 miles from the car. So, I quickly jumped up and of course tried to look like I was just fine...no big deal. Me trying to be as strong and inconspicuous as possible meant that no cars stopped to help me along the road even though blood was oozing down my leg and face...ick! I was able to hop back on the bike and ride back to the van, clean up a bit and then drive back to where Brian was running. I was so tough until I drove around a corner and saw Brian...then the tears started coming! I pulled over and started walking towards him trying to get out, "I fell off my bike..." but I don't think anything I said was recognizable at that time! :) Brian was so sympathetic and made sure I was fine before he took off again to finish out 4 more miles of the 20 for the day. I drove on ahead and pulled over onto the turnout at the 20-mile mark. There happened to be a bison on the opposite side of the road that was taking a little nap...I thought that looks too good to pass up. So, I layed out my pink blanket on the gravel, took out my pillow and stretched out on the side of the road (big blue was protecting me from the cars...and the bison). I also took out a bag of ice and held it to my face to try to reduce the swelling of my already HUGE lip! Soon enough, Brian comes running up, completely exhausted and lays down next to me...what a site we were. People were stopping left and right...not to see if we were okay, but to take a picture of the bison napping. Animals are so overrated in Yellostone! :)

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