Sunday, June 01, 2008

Rachel Engaged!

My best friend from all of life...Rachel Robinson is engaged! She will soon be married to Mike Marlatt...September 6th to be exact and I am so blessed to be a part of the wedding! We always joke around about being friends from the womb...even though rach was born 7 months after me! From packwood trips where we traded candy and stashed it in our drawers...hung upside down with red hots in our mouths...eavesdropped on leah and her friends talking about farts that smell like trips to the mall, hanging out in the backyard, games of settlers of catan, and now living near each other in greenlake with walks, coffee, and boot camp! The memories go on and on and there are so many more we are dreaming about! I can't wait to celebrate with her and Mike on their special day...and in all the planning this summer! Thanks for your love and friendship Rach!

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