Monday, February 06, 2012

What I made this weekend

It was another beautiful weekend here in San Diego. I broke out the barbie and made sweet potato fries both Saturday and Sunday nights! So good! I especially love the charred, crispy ones :) I also got a craving for some oatmeal cookies. Not sure if this was because I wanted to procrastinate to keep from doing homework or if I was just reminiscent of the days when my Mom packed our lunches, which typically included two homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Oatmeal also helps lower cholesterol and mine has been notoriously high in the past...most likely from familial, genetic causes. Once, I got so sick of eating oatmeal that I fasted from it for at least two years...just the thought of it would make me sick. But now that I've discovered Coaches Oats, I eat it almost every morning with a scoop of peanut butter and honey. I stumbled across the bag at Costco here in SD...never seen it in Bremerton/Seattle. Anyway, I tried the recipe on the back of the bag and the cookies turned out pretty good...a little more hearty than when you just use the old fashioned, quick cook oats by Quaker.

After an insightful church experience this weekend (more on that later), I stopped by the Point Loma library to get my first San Diego County library card! I forgot how much I love the library! I needed some resources for a lesson I'm teaching in class tomorrow inductive lesson on times :) I picked up a few over-sized (and extremely heavy) coffee table like picture books of different biomes - rainforest, coral reef, deserts, Yosemite. But then, of course, I had to peruse through the science section and stumbled across, The Invisible Kingdom, a book on microbes and their amazingness :) as wells as Packing for Mars, by Mary Roach. I loved her book Stiff, so I'm hoping this one is just as entertaining. 

It's now, officially Monday morning. I definitely got side-tracked during my homework because a moth kept flying around my head while I was sitting on my bed and I decided that I have moths...clothes moths...and that I need to launder ALL of my clothes, bedding and fabric in order to rid myself of the pests. I found a couple of holes in some shirts and sweaters in the closet awhile back...GROSS! So I threw everything out and separated it into piles to wash and dry clean and then vacuumed out the closet and wiped it down. I then noticed how dirty my white curtains had become and so took those down and wiped out around the window, then vacuumed the blinds and decided that wasn't enough and so I took those down and tried to wash them in the tub...not going to happen, so they are sitting outside on the patio waiting to be hosed down in the morning! Despite the chaotic state of my room and mind, I was able to finish my lesson planning and write this blog entry...maybe I am more of a night person than I realize??? nah :) I can't wait to get up and finish cleaning in the morning so I better get some rest! 


The Arizona Russums said...

you really DO like the burnt ones!

Kristen said...

I LOVE sweet potato fries AND oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!


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