Thursday, February 02, 2012

Wednesday highlights

Yesterday, I spent time planting lettuce, spinach and herb seeds for the start of my vegetable garden. I was able to splurge on a new pair of gloves, potting soil and planter box at Home Depot with an old gift card. 
(I must have returned something and received store credit, although now I'm thinking about how useful gift cards to Home Depot are...great gift idea!) It's amazing to me how a seed so small, yet big in the cellular world, contains all the genetic information and initial ingredients for life! I'm excited to do a little more research beyond the obvious needs for the seed to start developing...if all goes according to plan in about a week to 10 days I should have little sprouts coming up from under the surface! That is if the neighbor's cats don't disturb them :) 

The other excitement to my day yesterday was discovering that tis the season for Girl Scout cookies! I couldn't help but support my dry cleaner's granddaughter by purchasing a few of my favorites and am trying a new one...Savannah Smiles, a lemon variation. I've already broken into the Samoas! 

The real highlight from yesterday though, was spending time catching up with friends. I was able to Skype with Emily and the Drennans and catch up on the phone with Jennie. I even gave a little piano concert to Malia and Peter...such good sports for listening to me! I'm lucky we have so many different ways to keep in touch despite the long distances. It's always good to get a little piece of home. I love it here in San Diego, but I miss family and friends at times...if I only I could get them to all move down here! :)

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