Monday, January 31, 2011


I decided to get one more post in the month of January. Last year I was trying to take a picture everyday for a year. I think it lasted most of the month of January and then life happened and I started studying and working more. This year has already been busy and although I lack pictures to speak of my adventures I suppose I can share some thoughts.

I trained hard and reaped the benefits of finishing the Phoenix marathon in under 4hrs! It was fun...yes fun, but I think the friends I was with, the sun and the flat course had a lot to do with that atttitude :)

I've spent time with my nephew Owen who is now crawling and walking witht he assistance of a huggies diaper box. One of my favorite feelings in the whole wide world is having him fall asleep in my arms.

I learned how to ski at White Pass last weekend. My ski instructor told me I made his day...I think because I was a quick and teachable learner, but his comment in fact then turned around and made my day!

Now enough "I"

God is working on my patience and giving me peace during this waiting period, while I wait to hear from schools regarding interviews.

God is teaching me about what it means to love him and follow him through his Word, John Piper and my favorite Bible Study girls.

God is preparing my heart and mind to speak at secondary chapel next month as I talk about "persistence, not perfection" in relation to being a disciple of Christ.

come back in February and hopefully I'll have pictures

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Tenacious Insights said...

Oh girl, you just made my day! I'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying life "in the meantime". Praying that the Lord brings you blessings of jobs and relationships this year.

And GREAT work on the marathon! :-)


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