Saturday, November 06, 2010


Enjoyed spending some time with friends in Seattle this weekend. Lucky for me I had the day off on Friday after long days of parent conferences at school. I spend some time with Kendra and Owen salon hopping around town and then had a somewhat spontaneous dinner with friends and then killed a 12-mile run with Meg this morning. The leaves were, orange and shades of yellow. I took a mental image...sorry I couldn't upload it to share.

A car ride home was spent catching up with Rach, while enjoying some Hansens Natural Soda she is now marketing...yum! And now I'm taking some homemade mac n' cheese out of the oven. Talk about comfort! You can almost see it bubbling with cheesy goodness!

1 comment:

savvy stitch said...

If I was in Seattle, I would have been by your side for all of this fab day! Miss you!


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