Wednesday, September 22, 2010

fair time!

Last year I missed the fair experience while I was on my cross-country journey, so this year I made sure to make good use of my free educator tickets. Luke, Kendra, Owen and Mom all came along and we made the usual stops...YL BBQ Booth, the Cattle, Roasted Corn, the Horses, the Photography and Quilts, and last, but most important of all...SCONES! Unfortunately, I wasn't served my warm doughy, yet crisp, filled with delicious raspberry jam scone by a grandma/grandpa...but by a teenager...sad. I thought it was always the "seniors" that worked the scones at the fair? oh well...tasted just as good!

Action finishing her BBQ Beef sandwich...Luke eating noodles??? really?

Luke excited to show Owen the cows

Love the corn!

We just missed the clydesdale show

Best of Show


Anonymous said...

Owen is so cute! Miss you, girlie! xxoo


Micah and Jen said...

Umm... my family's first stop is always SCONES. Then we have YL BBQ for lunch. Sometimes my dad has it for dinner as well. Love it!!! P.S. My mom actually went into labor with me at the Puyallup fair.


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