Sunday, December 13, 2009

Road Trip Home Part 1

Road trip home

Wednesday – arrive in Miami, find big blue waiting for us intact, eat yummy Cuban sandwiches and monster milkshakes across the street from the Crowne Plaza Hotel, drive to the Everglades, wash my hair at an outdoor faucet in a local park, sleep next to two truckers at a gas station, get eaten alive by mosquitoes in the night.

Thursday – wake up early, get eaten by more mosquitoes, I may accidently have put deet in my eye when putting on my contacts, clean up our bikes and ride 15 miles to and from Chokoloskee island, the hairs on our arms turn white from condensation and I am speckled with bugs, didn’t see any alligators, buy chocolate milk and eat leftover Cuban sandwiches for breakfast, drive to Clearwater, itch bug bites, avoid hwy 19 next time, walk along the beach, pick up shells to keep on the dash of the van only if we both agree on them, take showers after not swimming in the beach , put on cozy sweats and drive to the panhandle where we sleep next to a golf course a lot like Packwoods…continue to itch from the bug bites.

Friday – wake up and start driving along the coast, explored Windmark beach…which will someday be private, stopped at another beach off of hwy 30, admired the green water and white sandy beaches, ate more cereal/pbj/banana/apple, drove to Biloxi and saw a lighthouse in the middle of a 4 lane highway, got kicked off a private swing by a security guard, sang with divas, lost $20 at blackjack, drove onto New Orleans, saw the London levee that broke during Katrina, took pictures of tattered houses, had our own hurricane Katrina in big blue…lost a lot of shells off the dash, drove to the French quarter, ate French beignets at Café du Monde, walked along Bourbon street, read about the history of New Orleans from Brian’s phone, bought some mardi gras beads, ate a lot of fried/greasy crawfish that wasn’t very good, decided to detox the next day, walked out in the rain past strip clubs down St. Ann street, drove through the night into TEXAS!! sang Amy Grant Christmas music, were nailed with Texas sized rain drops, finally pulled over at a truck stop 20 miles outside of Houston for the night.

Saturday – Brian woke up with bug bites, so did Bekah, drove into Houston, Bekah scrambled to find something cool to do in Houston, drove by Minute Maid park where the baseballs were bigger (because we are in Texas), Bekah was ripped off by Kraftsmen Bakery with a ridiculous $5 small latte with amaretto (for free) but the building was legit – it had a brick face covered in Ivy and arched entrances with charming light posts and Christmas decorations…Brian took a picture, went to CVS to look for a Christmas outfit for big blue…didn’t think we found the best so drove 15 minutes out of our way to Home Depot past another hardware store, couldn’t get into the parking lot, finally got in, CVS selection was better, so drove back to CVS and bought what Brian originally picked out…a wreath and bow for the front, lights for the dash and a stocking for the antennae, the Rothko chapel opened and so we spent some time admiring the peaceful setting of the eight sided building which houses 14 of Rothko’s paintings which were a deep velvety, rich color that absorbed the energy creating a quiet, calm and meditative setting, onto San Antonio, parked by an indoor market filled with imported Mexican gifts, ran along the riverwalk, drove by the Alamo, handpicked the perfect dinner at Central Market…I had pork and sweet potatoes and spinach and Brian had cheese, bread and avocado…finished it off with dark chocolate and peppermint licorice tea, concluded that the bugs causing my continual insane itching were bed bugs, van is infested and psychologically I am damaged, slept at Days Inn about 400 miles from our next destination, El Paso, took warm showers, slept in clean beds, bonus…I got to watch a bit of a crocodile dissection (mostly looking at the stomach contents) on the National Geographic Channel.

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