Sunday, October 04, 2009


Cool architecture in downtown Denver

The gang at Red Rocks
The past week has been so different from the rest of the trip. I've felt so separated from the whole thing while I've been in Denver. Brian had to fly home for a wedding on Thursday and Phil had some work to do on getting a new bike and getting his old shipped off to Cannondale. Luckily, I was able to use a car of a friend...not just any car but a sporty red mini cooper (you know I love to drive small, fun cars)! The friend, Sarah, is one of our family physician's daughters who we grew up with as neighbors! Lizzy, another of his daughters, also lives in Denver and so it was fun to spend some time with both of them. Sarah and her family headed to Chicago on Thursday afternoon, so she so generously offered up her house for me to stay in...what a treat. I was so blessed with a comfortable house, beautiful garden and much needed solitude. I had time to read a few books, one being "Till We Have Faces" by C.S. Lewis, granted I only finished the first half, and I had read the first half once before...I'm not sure if I ever finished it so I'm planning on picking up a copy as soon as I get a chance (the one I was reading was from Sarah's bookshelf). On Friday, I treated myself to a much needed pedicure after weeks of flip flops and dry weather and then went shopping at a fancy shopping center in wasn't the same without Jennie or Kendra with me though. It seems like one of them is always my partner in crime :)
We are back on the road again...heading to Nebraska. It's been a rough day as I am recovering from the flu and the guys are biking in some not so nice conditions. I stopped at the dollar store and picked them up a couple of gold medals...which I'm planning on honoring them with when they make it to the Sterling rest stop! They are out there on their bikes day in and day out, rain or shine, and they always (well usually always) have the best attitudes and biggest smiles on their faces! What an inspiration they are!

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Emily said...

Glad you had some much needed rest. Those boys are so lucky to have YOU cheering them on. Miss you, girlie!


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