Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I haven't sat down to write since Denver...the last major city we've traveled through and I have to start by saying, "and I thought Denver was cool...that was before Chicago!" I had an amazing few days enjoying the city - the sights, the lake, the people, the rest - it was just what I needed to beat the homesick loneliness.

There's just something comforting about being in the city. The sounds, people, sights, pollution, busyness, energy and is invigorating and slowly recharged the life that had been drained during the long days on the road. We arrived on a Friday night and met up with Philip's cousin and went out for some deep dish pizza and then to Guthrie's, a bar where people go to hang out and play board games. We played blockus (one of Phil's favorites) and a trivia game...know it or blow it (I think). Usually, I don't enjoy trivia games as most of mine is in the science realm and most trivia games focus on pop culture....and then I was paired up with Brian and I know he isn't super pop culture savvy so I was a bit worried. To my surprise it was a pretty fun game and Brian found another couple willing to play with us halfway in (he really is one of the friendliest people) which made it all that more exciting! It was a late night.

Saturday morning I woke up and went for a run along the lake. They have a trail that runs along the water and all of its sandy...yes, beautiful sandy beaches! I soaked in the sun and the views. I was also fortunate enough to get in touch with a friend, Michelle, who I used to work with in Seattle and have her cut my hair at the salon she is working at in downtown had been a few months and she put the life back into my hair! She invited us to a fashion show that the salon was helping with that evening...exciting city night life!

Of course, being in the city means a trip to Nordstrom. I had a gift card and so I went and found a pair of purpley shoes with a cute chunky heel to wear now that it is a bit cooler out. Now if only I had an occasion on the trip to wear heels....

Brian and I met up with someone intersted in the trip and had dinner with their friends at a new Mexican restaurant...I had my halibut fix and he had the carne asada...both so good! Another thing I missed...good Mexican food! The people we spent the evening with were absolutely hilarious! We spent some time at one of the couples houses before going to dinner and we played a little parlour game aka the nose game. They staple gunned a sheet up and cut a hole out of the middle. We were split into two teams and had to stick our nose in the hole and then the other team had to guess whose nose it great! It would be a good game at a family outing/reunion because everyone's noses would look the same!

The rest of the weekend consisted of touring downtown, navy pier, millenium park, seeing "Where the Wild Things Are" (not recommended), riding the ferris wheel, getting Brian a new bike, running, swimming, reading, eating out (a lot more than usual), buying a plane ticket to the Dominican and getting caught up on blogging! Really, it was more than I could have asked for...I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Glad you are having fun!


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