Monday, May 25, 2009

a memorable birthday week

It started with berry tarts and strawberry-rhubarb pie, a late night movie - Monday.

Moves to extreme workout Tuesday with spinning class and run around greenlake in the rain and occasional thunder and lightening!

Wednesday was normal with writing sub plans, a nap and a late-night swim. Oh, and love listening to the band - Owl City (kind of a cross of postal service and hellogoodbye). Check out the song Hello Seattle.

Thursday - day off! An early-morning run, errands (new license plate), salmon dinner with Jennie and Alicia, laughs at Alec's acting debut, celebrating until midnight at the stube - happy birthday!

Friday - SUGAR HIGH - my students shower me with love and sweets...I had to drink gallons of water to stay hydrated. Before I get out of the parking lot - cookies with orange zest and dark chocolate (yum!) and a latte. Morning start - donut. 1st period - lemon shortbread, strawberries and whipped cream, some fancy chocolate brownies. 2nd period - cupcakes in ice cream cones and reeses peanut butter bars - starting to feel woozy. 3rd period - overwhelming amounts of sugar that I was able to save for later - swedish fish, starburst, hot tamales, sour patch kids and watermelons. Then, if that wasn't enough the Spanish class came in to sing "Feliz Cumpleanos" and Mrs. Vargas gave me a "fiesta in a bag," authentic Mexican everything - chips, salsa, pastries, juice, yogurt, orange soda! (all went to packwood) And to top it all off I made an ice cream cake to share with the faculty...too much...time to detox. Is it ovbvious I like sugar? I go (trying to burn off some of the calories), pack, drive to packwood with the girls!

Saturday - Packwood = Paradise (when the weather is 70+). Long bike ride with Meg, laying out by the creek, dad's lattes, flea market, pulled pork sandwiches, clue, sleeping in the tent, mom's angel food cake, ice cream cake (really? two?), campfire, qt with housemates.

Sunday - buttercreek breakfast, run with Malia, clue, swimming pool, bike ride, creek walk, goose nest, nap in the hammock, reading, burgers, leftover cake and of course s'mores...just what I need...more sugar!

Today - Memorial day...a day to remember...not only those who have sacrificed for our country, but those friends and family who make little sacrifices to love me! I feel so overwhelmed by their love...seen in so many ways - birthday cards, hugs, socks, earrings, e-cards, laughter, love, bike rides, runs, long car trips, facebook messages, massages, flowers, questions, cooking, baking, listening, talking, playing, singing, and just spending time with me!

I am so thankful for the friends and family God has put in my life...thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Emily said...

Sounds like your kids love you! How are you going to leave next year?!


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