Sunday, May 17, 2009

funky tan lines

The majority of the day today was spent outside. I got back last night from a field trip to Idaho with some students who earned a trip to Silverwood...a theme park...well I don't know if it's themed, but they have some pretty sweet old wood roller coasters! We got back pretty late on Saturday night and then I woke up at 6am to have breakfast at the Porch and then off in Brian's jeep to the race - Beat the Bridge. You have to run 2 miles to the University Bridge and as long as you run a 10 minute mile you beat the drawbridge...otherwise you get stuck behind it! We definitely beat the bridge and then finished the next 3 miles at a great pace. It was so fun to run with friends and for a good cause!

driving to the race

all giggles at the start

a couple miles to go!

we did it! a preview to our triathlon finish...

the girls!

Then I spent some time outside planting some flowers/herbs/tomato plants that I bought over Mom's weekend. The bed in front of our house was overgrown with weeds so I spent some time and weeded about half of it...this is when I got the funky tan lines. I was wearing a work out top that criss crosses in the back and yes...I now have a huge white X on my back with red triangles in between...ick!

With weeds

Without weeds

tomato plant

hanging impatiens basket

lettuce, cilantro, chives

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