Monday, April 01, 2013


Sometimes it's easy to forget who we are...I'm thankful that this blog is here as a reminder of who I am; the experiences that have brought me to this point in my life and the hope of being transformed into someone even more faithful and glorious by God's grace.

Tonight marks the end of spring break. It's been...
  • emotional...heartache and tears, disappointment and anger, hopeful and expectant
  • joyful...celebrating the new life of Levi West! and new life in Christ with baptism!
  • exhausting...swimming, running, yoga, biking, hiking
  • adventurous...learning to sail!
  • community...parents visit, teaching a friend to bike ride, discipleship, Easter baptism and dinner 
Tomorrow I'm praying for patience, creativity, energy and joy as I jump back into my last two months of teaching this school year. I'm expectant that God will continue to provide what I need exactly when I need it so that I can glorify him and continue to be his hands and feet in my vocation, home and community. I realize everyday how much more I need of him and less I need of me...

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