Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pumpkin Pancakes Vegan Style

Day 2 of my Vegan Adventure....

I've had some Organic Pumpkin from TJ's in my cupboard the past few months and thought I should finally put it to use. After a little google search I cam across Vegan Housewives, and a recipe for pumpkin pancakes.

After tasting the first few, I decided to add a bit more pumpkin, spices and sugar. I think next time I try them I'll add some cooked oatmeal and oat flour as well. I could really taste the whole wheat flour which I'm not used to quite yet. 

Some inspiration for keeping on the diet, "This is not a diet. This is a way of life. A way to enjoy food. A way to feel healthy, clean, energized and pure. It's time to reclaim your mind and body. If you feel like you are 'giving up' your favorite foods, keep in mind that you're not giving up anything. You are simply empowering yourself to make educated, controlled choices about what you will and won't put into your body."

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