Thursday, December 30, 2010

I've been a little crafty over Christmas break! Finished Owen's quilt for a soft a cuddly Christmas gift and was inspired by the sewmamasew green grocery bag challenge to make a market tote!

The quilt top was done and ready for a month or so before I finally found the backing and put it all together. I used the machine to quilt...really didn't know what I was doing exactly, but I like how it turned out!

The fabric I used for the market bag jumped out at me while I was shopping for Owen's quilt of course I decided why not buy it :) I was surprised at how quickly I finished the bag. I like the size, although I wish the handles were a bit longer...I had to slip stitch the bottom of the lining closed, hopefully no one looks too closely at my handiwork!

1 comment:

savvy stitch said...

The tote and the quilt look fabulous! Go Bekah!


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