Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday, May 31st

We arrived in Entebbe after a 7hr flight with a stop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I was so thrilled to be off the plane after a total of 22hrs spent sitting in a cramped seat with no leg room, reading and watching movies. I already finished one of the books that was loaned out to me, The Glass Castle, an interesting memoir of a girl growing up in a crazy transient family in the US (Thanks Rachel). I started a second one that about a peace corps volunteer in Mali working with a midwife. It gave me a glimpse into life in rural Africa and I think has prepared me a bit for village culture and practices (Thanks Meg!). When we arrived in Entebbe we walked off the plane into the sun and heat! The landscape was green and lush and the smells of cut grass. We were greeted by UVP staff and loaded up in vans for a 3 hour drive to Iganga. We stopped in Kampala on the way and exchanged money and I bought some banana chips, whose packaging declared “God is able;” didn’t see that until afterwards…interesting place to speak of God. We didn’t get into Iganga until late that evening due to waiting for some local interns to arrive in Kampala, but when we did there was a delicious dinner waiting for us and comfy beds to collapse in.

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